Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So it's February 1st, which means that if you shot me an e-mail for ClubCLD you'll be getting the first issue in a week or so (I plan on shipping them out in the next day or two).  Once everything's all printed up I'll take some pics to show how cool and flashy they are and all, and you'll be able to enjoy it in 640x480 glory if you didn't register.  If you didn't register, then poo on you!  But it's not too late, follow the instructions I've posted just about everywhere on how to register to get in on the fun; if I can generate enough content over the next couple weeks then I'll be doing another one for March, so the sooner you register the better your chances are of getting the next publication!  Remember, this stuff is not going to be openly available on the internet anytime soon, if ever.

In other news, I've been working (at work, no less) on some advertisements for the company.  The first out are the web ads, which you can find now floating around on StudioDaily, DigitalMediaNet, and PostMagazine; Creative Cow and BroadcastMedia will have some up soon too.  They're all either GIF or Flash, and I'm pretty proud of them.  So yay, first published ads designed by me!  I'm particularly proud of the workflow icons I came up with, which are sort of the centerpiece of the ads.  So look for those when you get the chance.

Finally returning to ClubCLD, expect some cool interactive stuff in the next issue, as I've got a project I need to get cracking on this week for Saturday.  More to come soon.

For those registered members of the coolest new club on the block,


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